A state of Art know-how and a master craftsmanship is required to manufacture Rochet jewellery. Made of most astonish collection of alternative materials such as titan, stainless steel, ceramic, tungsten, carbon. Rochet products associate technology, design and define new horizon for men’s jewellery.

All components meet extremely high standards, so as to guarantee the authenticity and perfection of the production process. Rochet takes extra care to environment respect. Each product is regularly tested to guarantee comfort and durability.

  • hand polishing
  • crafted assembling
  • quality control

Therefore all Rochet jewels carry an international guarantee covering all products defects.

The quality of materials used is strictly checked and most of them are 100% biocompatible.

  • Stainless Steel: excellent bio-compatibility
  • Titan: the best bio-compatible material
  • Ceramic: 100% biocompatible
  • Tungsten: tungsten carbonate scratch proof
  • Carbon fibber: chocks absorber
  • Carbon composite : 100% biocompatible / resistant to physical stress
  • Technoglod, Technoblack, Technopink : 100% biocompatible 

Rochet is always seeking about perfection when talking about products. Our constant tests performed at the CETEHOR in Besançon (French jewellery laboratory) give us reliable information on our jewellery quality. Lately, Rochet came up with new developments : products mixing leather and magnesium well known for its neutral impact on the environment

Design is not just a word. It is the graphical representation of a great company’s mind, way of thinking and knowledge. Rochet designers are always looking for new ideas, taking the inspiration from their environment: technology, architecture, city, fashion accessories, watch industry…

Creating has nothing to do with following the current trend. Actually creating is more a guess that leads to the next trend. In that Rochet got its stripes when introducing the steel jewellery for men 10 years ago, ahead of the trend and competitors.


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